What CO2 Lasers Can’t Cut, Whether Made of Metal or Glass

A laser tube can be made of glass or metal. Some materials either laser can’t cut and etch away into oblivion. Whether crafted on radio frequencies or on an amplified concoction of nitrogen and hydrogen, glass lasers can’t just do it all.

Interestingly, this is not necessarily well known. It seems that the idea that lasers are impenetrable forces of pure energy that can cut through anything is pervasive. This is especially so when users realize their machine is quickly eroding after they cut into something as seemingly simple as aluminum. So, who or what is the huge and oppressive enemy of the laser?


Polycarbonate/Lexan is a pretty formidable foe for the laser, metal or glass. The results when a laser hits Polycarbonate/Lexan is interesting, to say the least. A lethal chlorine gas will begin emanating from the Polycarbonate material. Aside from poisoning nearby enthusiasts, it can also erode the equipment and ultimately disintegrate it.

In response to this, many users will cut into the plain acrylic. Acrylic offers a nice finish and a soothing surface. It is a pretty wonderful alternative to melting someone’s face off.

Some Metals

Not all metals are vulnerable to laser etching. The most common example is aluminum. For reasons that are rather technical (and based on the construct and density of aluminum) lasers have a hard time making a dent, quite literally. Fortunately, cutting into metal is unproductive, and not necessarily something that will result in poison toxins entering the air.

There are arguments that metal works better than glass, but this is not necessarily true. In regards to what a laser can and can’t cut, there is virtually no difference between the two types. Metal is slightly more powerful, with a top-tier wattage, but it is not enough to suddenly and properly cut into once-forbidden materials.

As cool and fun as lasers are, they can’t do everything. To read about the limits of the technology, visit the official website of Boss Laser. Some readers may be asking, “Who is Boss Laser?” To display the provider’s clout in the industry, visitors can read reviews here: https://www.facebook.com/BossLasers/